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我練習官網教程幾十次,並不是逐字看的,總是抓著能做的先做,有問題時回來找解簽,每次或多或少都有些心得,也曾經有些誤解。 總而言之,實戰很重要,觀念也很重,知行要合一。

有這個機會理解了 Read The Doc

同時也找到 Django 目前最新版本的文檔的代碼

經過實驗,可以以最小的更改原 .txt 為 .rst 即可使用。


Note 的寫法


This is note text. Use a note for information you want the user to pay particular attention to.

If note text runs over a line, make sure the lines wrap and are indented to the same level as the note tag. If formatting is incorrect, part of the note might not render in the HTML output.

Notes can have more than one paragraph. Successive paragraphs must indent to the same level as the rest of the note.

Warning 的寫法


This is warning text. Use a warning for information the user must understand to avoid negative consequences.

Warnings are formatted in the same way as notes. In the same way, lines must be broken and indented under the warning tag.

現在,2018-12-28,發現生成的PDF沒有上述 Note Warning 的效果,在實驗 cs50 的工具是否可以實現。

  • To know which Python you’re using, it applies to virtual venv as well

    $ which python

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